Forgefix Countersunk Screws Organiser Pro Multi-Purpose Screws Zinc Yellow Plated x 1100 OPMPS1100Y


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A handy, highly versatile and immensely popular pack of multi thread screws.  The head is countersunk pozi compatible recessed whilst the finish is a zinc yellow.

The pack contains 1100 pieces including:

3.5 x 25mm (x120), 3.5 x 30mm (x190), 4.0 x 20mm (x130), 4.0 x 25mm (x190), 4.0 x 30mm (x150), 4.0 x 40mm (x110), 4.0 x 50mm (x80), 5.0 x 50mm (x60), 5.0 x 70mm (x70).