The business that is now CHAS.N.PEDLAR was originally a department store and funeral directors known as J.Pugsley & sons.

It was originally located in Fore Street, Ilfracombe from 1860, but moved to what is now McColls and the Post Office on the High Street in 1880.

John Pugsley’s nephew Charles Nicholas Pedlar joined the business in the 1890’s and later acquired the adjoining building on the High Street, back then a china Shop.

The present store was run by Chas. N. Pedlar until the 1930’s and when Pugsleys closed in 1922 he absorbed that business into his own and what we know as Pedlar’s today.

After the war in 1946 he was joined in the business by his son Charles Glanville Pedlar and since that date the business has been run by a further two generations, Nicholas Glanville Pedlar from 1964 and most recently, in 2005, Helen Pedlar joined the business.

On January 1st 2022 we will celebrate our 100th birthday as Chas.N. Pedlar in our present store at 27 High street, Ilfracombe.